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Constitution Hill

Nowhere can the story of South Africa's turbulent past and its extraordinary transition to democracy be told as it is at Constitution Hill. Constitution Hill is a national heritage site in Johannesburg and is home to the Constitutional Court of South Africa. Once a place of injustice and brutality, where South Africa’s leading political activists, including Nelson Mandela, Winnie Mandela, Fatima Meer, Albertina Sisulu, Joe Slovo and Mahatma Gandhi were detained, the site has been transformed into a place of solidarity and democracy. Apart from its engaging and gripping exhibitions, Constitution Hill is also open to the public for guided tours and has become an important platform for heritage, education, and tourism related programmes. With its rich history and character, Constitution Hill also offers a variety of venues suitable for conferencing, performances, a large array of events and programmes.

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The Kimberley Vintage Tram

The Vintage Kimberley tram dates back to a time when the town was the "bright lights, big city" of Africa. By 1887, when the tram first started transporting people to the ever - expanding Big Hole, the town was flourishing. Today visitors can take a 20 minute ride on the vintage tram around the Big Hole experiencing rich historical features such as the original mining shaft and the authentic West End bar, round the Big Hole to the viewing deck where visitors have a visceral view into it, and also the original mine dumps of the Big Hole.

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Kumbaya Home & Decor - Hoedspruit

Home decor items, artwork and gifts, locally sourced and handmade by citizens of Africa.

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The Big Hole

The Big Hole is the largest man made hole in the world. A tour of the visitor centre is a must when you visit Kimberley. Here you will be introduced to the diamond history of South Africa in the form of a short introductory movie where after our guide will take you on a tour to see the Big Hole, experience our simulated underground experience, view various exhibitions including the geology of diamonds. You will also be shown the world's largest diamond display. The old town (Kimberley Mine Museum as it was known) gives the visitor an idea of what Kimberley looked like 120 years ago. The shops display items that would have been sold in Kimberley and represent shops that really existed in Kimberley. The visitor could also enjoy light refreshments at the Coffee Shop or something a bit more substantial at the Occidental Bar, situated in the Old Town. We also have various curio shops and jewellers on our premises.


William Humphreys Art Gallery

Nestled in the Oppenheimer Gardens and situated in the Diamond City's Civic Centre, the WHAG is considered one of the finest art museums in South Africa. It is a national heritage entity funded directly by central state. Visitors wil be surprised at the peace and tranquility the gallery offers. The spacious exhibition areas will invite you to linger and reflect on the artworks on display, and the experience will be a soothing balm for your soul. WHAG's art collection varies from 17th Century Dutch and Flemish Old Masters and European artworks to contemporary South African artworks of excellence in all mediums. Currently the art gallery collects South African works of art. Apart from its primary function as a museum of art, this gallery serves the community as an educational and cultural centre. Its activities include temporary exhibitions, art workshops for children, development stimulation classes for pre-school children and craft workshops for unemployed women. A social investment project we are proud of and which has been running for many years, is the WHAG Prison Project. The primary purpose of the project is to teach female offenders skills with which they can earn a living in the informal sector once they are released from the correctional system. The most encouraging spin-off of the project has been the rebuilding of self esteem and human dignity of the offenders which reinforces the notion that this project can contribute to moral regeneration and therefore successful rehabilitation of the offenders into society once they have served their sentences. As part of WHAG's outreach programme, once a quarter special exhibitions and art activities are taken into the deprived rural communities in the Northern Cape for the benefit of school learners who, in many cases, have never before experienced an exhibition of original art. They have also often never had the opportunity of taking part in art-making activities. WHAG has a specialist reference library consisting of a wide variety of art and conservation related publications. This is not a lending library, but students and the public are welcome to use the facilities. The in-house Palette Tearoom provides light meals and refreshments which can be enjoyed in a beautiful garden or inside. As the tearoom is a Wi-Fi hotspot it is the ideal venue to meet business colleagues in a relaxing environment. The William Humhreys Art Gallery is the ideal venue for conferences, seminars, meetings and intimate concerts and has a variety of venues for hire. Please become a Friend of the Gallery (see our website for details) and be kept up to date with all the happenings at WHAG.

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Phronesis Training Academy

We train un-employed youth in glass beads manufacturing, pottery, gemstone cutting & polishing and jewellery design & manufacturing. to create jobs.

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Maropeng Visitor Center

A mere 45 minutes drive from Johannesburg, is Maropeng. Maropeng, the “ place of our origins’ carries global stature as the Visitor Centre to South Africa’s fascinating World Heritage Site - the Cradle of Humankind. The 53 000 hectare area was declared a world heritage site because of its outstanding universal scientific, historical, cultural and educational value. The largest proliferation of Hominin Fossils has been found in the 53 000 hectares area – more than any other place on Earth. Authenticating the notion that all of humankind traces its origins to Africa. With its panoramic surroundings and breathtaking views of the Magaliesberg and Witwatersberg Mountains, Maropeng is a world-class visitor centre with a 4 star Boutique Hotel offering unique tour packages. It an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Embark on a fascinating journey back in time to the very beginning of the origin of our species.

Inside the Maropeng Exhibition

Qolweni Township Tours

The essence of the Qolweni township tour offered by Ocean Blue Adventures and the Qolweni Development Trust is not only about showcasing local culture and lifestyles; it is about involving the community and offering them the dignity of being self-employed. Our guides are not only locals who live amongst this community but are also eloquent deliverers of the community’s message, their traditions, cultures and their goals for the growth and development of their community. During the tour our guests are given insight into both the daily lives as well as the great potential for the people who are living here. Visiting the crèche, the local essential stores, a sangoma, a home, the pre-school and a shebeen ensures our guests all leave with a hope in their hearts and a smile on their faces. • Walk through tour of Qolweni township • Close and personal interaction with the local community • African cuisine and a beverage at a local shebeen • Understand the life of a Sangoma • Umthombo Theatre choir (on request) • Hand made goods qolweni township tours how the community benefits The funds raised through the township tours and a percentage of Ocean Blue Adventures turnovers are used to pay for the teachers salaries and maintenance of the Siyakhula Pre-school and Qolweni crèche. In these communities almost 60% of kids drop out of school between Grade R and Grade 9 due to them having missed out on the fundamental education building blocks which are taught at pre-schools. The Ocean Blue Group believes these years are so crucial to a child’s development and this is the driving force behind their partnership with these schools. The Qolweni Development Trust not only provides the opportunity for education for these children, it also creates jobs by employing teachers, and feeds the children healthy and substantial meals. Currently the crèche and pre-school have a principal, 7 teachers and 240 children. This Community Development and up-liftment forms an integral part of implementing the ideals of the Ocean Blue Group. graduation As a part of the children’s attendance at the Siyakhula Pre-school every year the Ocean Blue Group hosts a graduation for the children that have complete their 3 years of pre-school education. At this graduation we hold a wonderful ceremony where they ‘graduate’ with cap and gown, and we send them off with back-packs full of equipment and the skills and confidence to enter the primary education environment. field band foundation The Field Band is a dynamic music and dance program that teaches vital life skills of communication, discipline and self-confidence preparing children to become positive contributors to society. This is not simply an Arts program or a just another life skills program, but a dynamic real life incubator. We have on average 500 members who learn to not only master an art form they have passion for, but also learn to innovate creatively together, develop inner discipline, resolve conflicts, work collaboratively for a common purpose, facilitate and empower others. We use the opportunity to expose them to conservation principles and HIV/AIDS education and drug abuse issues. With their 30 plus performances a year at town and sporting events they develop values and an identity that enables them to respect the rights of others and to confidently advance themselves in society. Sabrina Love Foundation: Sabrina love foundation The Sabrina Love Foundation started in 2003, was set up to honour the memory of Sabrina Lubner, daughter of Suzy and Tony (Director of Ocean Blue Adventures). The objective of the Foundation is to care for ALL children within the area of Plettenberg Bay that have special needs. Currently the Foundation provides a full daycare facility as well as full time professional therapists working in the field providing home care, training, equipment, medication and facilitation of these children into mainstream society. Currently 99% of all children in Plettenberg Bay and their families requiring assistance receive support from the Foundation.

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Dundee Tourism

DUNDEE!!!!! Welcome to the Endumeni area that derives its name from the spectacular peak of Indumeni Mountain that towers over the picturesque and historically significant towns of Glencoe, Wasbank and Dundee in KwaZulu Natal and is noted for its battlefields and associated military history. There are 68 battle skirmish sites within a two hour drive of Dundee. Names such as Isandlwana, Rorke's Drift, Blood River and Talana have echoed through the centuries as testimony to the courage and ultimate futility of war. Dundee was established in 1882 after the discovery of coal, close to the surface by the Boer farmers. It is named after the hometown of a pioneering Scottish settler, Peter Smith. Dundee and the surrounding area are rich in history and numerous historical buildings and sites are a testament to our past heritage. If only these buildings could talk – but your guide can and will keep you enthralled with stories and the people associated with the buildings. (Guides with wide ranging and specific knowledge of events in this area conduct tours that bring our past alive) Heritage trail launched by -Tourism Dundee So, the next time you have family or friends staying over, encourage them to pick up a pamphlet on the heritage trail from the tourism office and join them on a stroll through history and remember to drive to Glencoe too!” Dundee has always marketed itself as a historical hub. That reputation was further enhanced following the launch of the historical trail by Tourism Dundee. Thirty-six plaques have been put up on historical sites in Dundee, Sibongile and Glencoe. In total, 68 sites have been identified. Please visit or for more information.

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Mankwe Gametrackers is the largest outdoor adventure activity business in the North West province of South Africa. Based at the iconic Sun City resort next to the malaria free Big Five Pilanesberg National Park, it conducts Game Drives, Bush Walks and Hot Air Balloon Safaris inside the Park, and Quad Biking, Archery, Team Building activities, Rhino Tracking and the Wallow, a catered venue, inside the resort. We specialize in individual service and exclusivity yet have the capacity to service large groups of up to 600 people. In the past 12 months the business delivered activities to more than 120,000 passengers.


Sterkfontein Caves Visitor Center

In close proximity to Maropeng are the world-renowned Sterkfontein Caves. It is within these caves that scientists have discovered literally thousands of hominid and animal fossils, dating back more than 4-million years. The most important and revered of these finds include “Mrs Ples”, the skull of an Australopithecus africanus estimated to be about 2.1-million years old, and “Little Foot”, an almost complete skeleton of an Australopithecus that is more than 3-million years old. “These fossils are immensely important as they have allowed scientists to understand how and in what circumstances modern humans have evolved, ultimately changing the way we view humanity and the history of human development. The facilities at Sterkfontein include a restaurant, conferencing facilities and a scientific exhibition showcasing a reconstruction of a mined versus a pristine cave, cave formations and geology, early-life forms, mammals and hominid fossils, specific finds such as “Mrs Ples”, the “Taung Child” and “Little Foot”, as well as information about the processes of cave formation, fossilisation, and ancient species which inhabited the Cradle such as sabre-toothed cats and giant hunting hyenas. The caves are open daily from 09:00 to 17:00 and the last guided tour departs at 16:00. Bookings are co-ordinated through Maropeng. All guides at Maropeng and Sterkfontein have received accreditation with the Gauteng Tourism Authority to ensure that visitors appreciate and understand the significance of the Cradle of Humankind. The tours at the Sterkfontein Caves, which start above ground and then take visitors deep into the caves, run every half hour, seven days a week. The Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site (COHWHS) was listed as a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in 1999.This site of global significance located about 50 kilometres northwest of Johannesburg, occupies 53 000 hectares of land. Its complex of fossil-bearing caves contains a superbly preserved record of the various stages in the evolution of humankind within the past 3.5 million years which have yielded some of the most iconic fossils of extinct ancient human ancestors and relatives, and associated fauna. These include “Mrs Ples”, “Little Foot”, Australopithecus sediba, and the latest ground-breaking discovery – Homo naledi. The COH WHS is an area of outstanding universal value. As Gauteng’s only World Heritage Site, and a premier tourism destination, the site is based on the conservation, exploration and interpretation of the story of humanity and its brand value encompasses ancient history, human beginnings, adventure, discovery and a whole lot more.


Aquila Private Game Reserve

Aquila Private Game Reserve and Spa is a family destination, 4-star, Big 5 game reserve real close to Cape Town; situated just two hours’ drive from the city. It is the ultimate African safari getaway. This four-star establishment boasts all the features associated with an exceptional safari lodge. The reserve consists of 10,000 hectares Big 5 conservancy in the southern Karoo, and home to the big 5 legends of the wilderness. Aquila Game Reserve offers traditional game drives, safaris on horseback, quad biking, star safaris and now also an African spa.

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