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uShaka Marine World

uShaka Marine World is the largest marine theme park in Africa covering 16 hectares. It consists of a variety of offerings/ attractions known as Wet 'n Wild, Sea World, uShaka Kids World, Village Walk, Dangerous Creatures, Sea Animal Encounter Island and Chimp & Zee. * Wet 'n Wild: this outstanding park consists of water based slides and rides, and is a must for any aquatic enthusiast. Featuring exciting slides, the highest slide in Africa,a 450 metre Duzi Adventure River, as well as souvenier stores and restaurants, Wet 'n Wild is a must for any family wanting a fun day out in the sun. * Sea World: the jewel in the crown of uShaka Marine World, Sea World boasts not only the largest aquarium in the southern hemisphere, but also a 1,200 seater dolphin stadium and a 450 seater seal stadium.


Offshore Adventures

Offshore Adventures offer free diving (snorkeling) marine safaris in Plettenberg Bay along the famous Garden Route. Swim among bundles of playful inquisitive fur seals in the majestic Robberg Nature reserve and Marine Protected Area or venture deeper into deep blue to swim with blue shark and/or mako sharks. We also offer various sardine run packages from Plettenberg Bay or Port St Johns along the wild coast! Offshore adventures are very proud to have reserved the prestigious Blue flag award from WESSA for a third consecutive year, an award that iis a voluntary eco-label, that has become an international symbol of quality for beaches, boats and marinas that meet a standard of excellence in the areas of safety, amenities, cleanliness, environmental information and environmental management.

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Ocean Blue Adventures

Ocean Blue Adventures is in the acclaimed Plettenberg Bay and is recognised as one of the leading adventure tour operators in both the Garden Route and South Africa. The foundation of the business stems from the importance of providing not only memorable experiences but to always maintain their famous feel-good factor which permeates throughout their products and partnerships. One of the only Beach based Whale watching operators along Southern Africa offering tours throughout the year. From June to the beginning of December we concentrate on your Southern Right and your Humpback Whales and During the summer months our boats travel around the Bay in search of a wide variety of potential sightings. Views of graceful bottlenose dolphins diving in and out of the waves, Great White Sharks with visits to the large cape fur seal colony, pelagic and coastal bird’s sightings and the experience of being in the middle of group of feeding common dolphins could all be a part of your summer trip. You may have the opportunity to see the rare Humpback Dolphins or an elusive Bryde’s whale found in only certain areas of the South African coastline, and both part of important research projects in the Bay. Ocean Blue is a licensed SABBWWA permit holder, which enables us to approach whales from 50 metres instead of 300 metres and often the whales will move towards the boat allowing for superior whale watching experiences.Ocean blue Adventures recognised the importance of community and the interdependence between the three pillars of the business; environmental impact, social effect and economic need. The significance of this has cemented their reputation as a crucial part of a thriving tourist community. The Ocean Blue Group offers an impressive portfolio from Blue Flag accredited whale watching and culturally rich township tours to conservation based volunteering, educational enrichment and carbon offset programs. The culture of the business is about having a positive effect through every avenue whether it is through individual customers, charity organisations or their various conservation and research projects.


Discover cape town

discover cape town

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Untouched Adventures

Discover Untouched Adventures at the awesome Storms River Mouth along South Africa’s Garden Route in Tsitsikamma. Explore this untouched playground by kayak, lilo, scuba or snorkel into the Storms River gorge.


Shark Diving Unlimited

Shark Diving Unlimited is a shark cage diving company based in Gansbaai, South Africa. It is a family company, that takes great pride in educating the public about sharks through a positive, memorable and exhilarating marine adventure There are a few shark cage diving companies in Gansbaai, however what makes this family company stand out from the rest, is the true love for these marine animals and the time and money spent working to prevent their extinction. Owner Mike Rutzen and the SDU crew have spent many hours creating positive documentaries and conducting educational talks on the Great White Sharks to dispel the myths of them being mindless killers. They have now shifted their tactic, to changing the CITES listing of the sharks from Vulnerable to Endangered which will offer them further prevention and hopefully prevent their further destruction by culling and baited hooks. Mike is part of a team which has spent the past 7 years conducting the biggest ever study of Great White Sharks around the African coastline. What they discovered was that there is between 352 and 500 Great White Sharks left. See scientific paper here: In addition to funding this shocking scientific study, the company has also funded the development of an eco friendly barrier called the Sharksafe Barrier. This barrier deters sharks from entering swimming beaches by looking like kelp (which sharks do not swim through) and using magnet technology, which has been proven to also deter sharks. The barrier is currently being tested for durability. Please find a TV show outlining the Sharksafe Barrier here: The team has also developed a new photographic software, which allows sharks to be identified via fin images. This world first software is expected to be rolled out for international use in the coming years. It will be be made available without cost to relevant shark scientists to further the understanding of this species globally. Here is the paper on the software Please find a snapshot of news articles on the team’s latest scientific work here Field research project,+white+shark,+andreotti Software:,+Andreotti,+sharks Sharksafe Barrier