Lionsrock Lodge


LIONSROCK Lodge Our three star establishment offers accommodation ranging from self-catering chalets to beautiful luxury rooms. We offer a wide range of activities for guests: game drives, bird watching, quad or mountain biking and hiking trails as well as trips to the nearby Golden Gate National Park, Clarens or Lesotho. Our restaurant and bar serve all sorts of tempting treats and cater to all dietary requirements. A lifelong home for big cats Big cats raised in captivity cannot be released into the wild. As an animal welfare project by FOUR PAWS, Big Cat Sanctuary LIONSROCK provides an appropriate, lifelong home for big cats that were kept in inadequate conditions in zoos, circuses or private captivity. The habitat constructed for the big cats offers highest standards including large areas for family groups, facilitation of natural behaviour through enrichment and highest standards of medical care as well as highest security standards of enclosures.

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