Universal Accessibility

Access2africa Safaris

Tour operator specialising in Inclusive Tourism and Universal Accessibility. We cater for all guests including wheelchair users, blind, deaf and deaf/blind and well as those with learning disabilities/walking wounded.

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Flamingo Tours & Disabled Ventures, is a Cape Town based tour company, offering tours for guests with special needs, with a tourist driver/guide who is also a nursing sister. We design the tour around guests ability and interests, so that their expectations are exceeded. We arrange all ground handling. We have adapted vehicles and our guests arrive as strangers and leave as friends, who remain in contact with us for many years, sadly many until their disease takes them to walk the stairway to heaven.

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Stormsriver Adventures (Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour)

Stormsriver Adventures is a professional responsible tourism entity and market leader in cable sliding. A “FIRST IN AFRICA” rurally eco-based Adventure Company situated in the heart of the majestic Tsitsikamma Forest region. The company boasts adventure activities, which include the Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour. Experience the uniqueness of the Tsitsikamma Forest from an aerial perspective 30 meters above the forest floor, MONKEYING AROUND!! A 2½ hour "green" family activity full of fun!! At Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour we pride ourselves on being inclusive to people of all abilities. The tour consists of 10 slides accompanied by two qualified guides. The equipment consists of a full body harness, pulley, safety gloves and helmet. The construction, of the slides and platforms, is non-invasive, with no bolts, nails or screws penetrating the trees. Gently glide along two galvanized steel cables with a diameter of 13mm, wrapped around the trees, with rubber padded wooden blocks between the cable and the trunks, so as not to damage any part of the tree. The same method is used to tie the metal frames of the platforms, to the trees. These cables and wooden blocks are retentioned and adjusted every year to prevent bruising of the bark, and to allow the natural expansion of the tree trunk as it grows. Two species of indigenous trees are utilized on the system, namely the Outeniqua Yellowwood (Podocarpus falcatus) and Hard Pear (Olinea ventosa). Both of these tend to grow out beyond the forest canopy and make up most of what is known as the emergent tree layer. They are generally the largest trees in our forest and their relatively slow growth makes them strong and resilient. Stormsriver Adventures is more than just an Adventure Company as it has been firmly committed to Community Upliftment for the past 19 years, employing and training community members. Furthermore, 90% of the staff is from the local area and a committed Equity and Skills Development Plan has resulted in locals progressing to senior management positions and shareholders within the company. It was always the intention to make the staff part of the company who now own 48% of the operating company. "WE INVEST IN PEOPLE and OUR ENVIRONMENT"

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