2014 Judges

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Jeunesse Park

“Jeunesse Park is a trailblazer. In 1990, long before environmental issues were popular, let alone discussed, Park started Trees for Africa — South Africa’s first environmental communications and public relations company. Today, the renamed Food and Trees for Africa (FTFA) is South Africa’s only national greening and food gardening non-governmental organisation that promotes greening; sustainable9i8i;p[‘ use and management of natural resources; and food security through its key programmes — Trees for Homes, EduPlant, and the Urban Greening Forum. The joint recipient of the United Nations Environment Programme’s Sasakawa Award for Climate Change in 2007, Park and her organisation are credited for bringing permaculture to South Africa and for developing South Africa’s first carbon calculator, helping to determine the number of trees needed to offset an individual or company’s carbon footprint. In 2010 FTFA was awarded the UN-supported SEED Award, recognising the organisation and its passionate leader as one of few “inspiring social and environmental entrepreneurs whose businesses can help meet sustainable development challenges”. — Cat Pritchard”