2015 Judges

CroppedImage500500 Marie

Marie Wilcox

Marie is an intense, results-oriented, self-starter whose drive and sense of urgency are tempered and disciplined by her concern for the accuracy and quality of her work. Her approach to anything she does or is responsible for will be carefully thought-out, based on thorough analysis and detailed knowledge of all pertinent facts. Strongly technically-oriented, she has confidence in her professional knowledge and ability to get things done quickly and correctly. With experience, she will develop a high level of expertise in her work and will be very aware of mistakes made either by herself or anybody doing work under her supervision. Marie takes her work and responsibilities very seriously and expects others to do the same. In social matters, Marie is reserved and private, with little interest in small talk. Her interest and her energy will be focused primarily on her work, and in general she is more comfortable and open in the work environment than she is in purely social situations. In expressing herself in her work environment she is factual, direct, and authoritative. Imaginative and venturesome, Marie is a creative person, capable of developing new ideas, systems, plans or technology, or of analysing and improving old ones. She relies primarily on her own knowledge and thinking, with little reference to others, to get things done. She sets a high, exacting standard for herself, and generally finds that others do not meet that standard. To earn her trust, someone must consistently meet that standard and get results; if they can do that, Marie will do whatever she can to work with them whenever she needs to collaborate. While she may be perceived by other people as aloof, she will earn their respect for her knowledge of her work and the soundness of her decisions.