2015 Judges

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Clive E. Poultney

I taught Biology and Science for 3 years at the beginning of my work life, but soon moved on to developing a career in Nature Conservation, more specifically in conservation education and training. I have been in the Conservation field since 1991 (23 years) and been privileged to have been involved in the establishment of Mpumalanga Parks Board (1994/5); and to have been part of the first years of the Southern African Wildlife College (1996 – 1999), where I played a leading role in the start up phase of the institution. Furthermore, I was contracted to develop the business plans for the Southern African Wildlife College in 2010 and again in 2014 that have really made major impacts in the growth of the institution as well as its financial sustainability. I am still closely associated with the College as a business development partner, and I manage some of their key government projects. At the start of the National Qualifications Framework in SA in 2000, I was head hunted by THETA (now CATHSSETA) to head up the Conservation and Guiding Chamber. During this time I established the Conservation Standards Generating Body, which I chaired for 3 years, and served on the Guiding SGB during this time. In 2002 I secured R129m through the National Skills Fund for a skills development project, and managed the project through to its conclusion in 2005. The project that trained 6500 youth across 7 provinces in 3 years and placed 64% of them in jobs. I left THETA in October 2005 and started my own company, River End Consultants, which I still run today. In addition, I have consulted in many countries in Africa, mainly Southern African, but also in Rwanda, the DRC, as well as outside of Africa in the United Arab Emirates. In the last 3 – 5 years I have focused more on developing wildlife economy models, more specifically, developing models that make it possible to establish local economies using wildlife and/or biodiversity as the core; along with creating equity and shareholding for local communities.