2016 Judges

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Portia Tau-Sekati

She is currently the CEO of The Property Sector Charter Council, the organisation that is entrusted with developing the strategy and Programs that become an enabler for the stakeholders of the property sector to achieve transformation as outline in the Property Sector code. She has worked in various public and private entities and has an extensive knowledge and an expert in Transformation as driven in SA by the BBBEE framework. She remains a specialist through her extensive knowledge and experience in dealing and lobbying government. She has also gained reputation in the market as an expert on issues of transformation in particular in the Property sector. She has led and facilitated the discussions on transformation targets with the major property stakeholders and aligned property sector requirements to BBBEE Codes of Good Practice. A process which has enabled Property Sector to obtain its own Sector Charter under section 9 (5) of BBBEE Act. From her role as the leader of property charter, she carries her role as the CEO of property charter with great esteem and courage that embodies the kind that of leadership which pulls different stakeholders with possible different views to a platform of healthy debates and discussion in particular on issues of transformation. Being in this position and driving transformation faced with resistance and criticism from some onlookers, Portia has learnt very fast and she is aware of the responsibilities and challenges from all angles (political, professional, legal, social etc) that come with this job. However, she remains determined to make a difference while remaining grounded as guided by the charter conduct and unshaken by unimaginable rife and endemic challenges. She is strong in her strategic ability that constantly thrives for performance. Her energy and innovativeness bring to life the “forbidden” transformation discussions. Prior to this role, she served as the CEO of National Association of Real Estate Agencies (NAREA), an organisation that lobbied and promoted the interests of the residential property market. Portia’s background is marketing and has held senior marketing positions both locally and abroad in Companies such as Thebe Investment Corporation, Roche Pharmaceutical and Gillette Company.