2017 Judges

Will Engelbrecht

Willy Engelbrecht

Dr Willy Engelbrecht is the Head of Faculty: Commerce. Willy joined The IIE in January 2014 as Head of Programme was promoted to Head of Faculty in November 2016. Willy commenced his studies at the North-West University where he completed a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Tourism Management in 2009 and went on to obtain his PhD in Tourism Management in 2015. Before joining The IIE Willy was a lecturer at the University of South Africa (UNISA) where he also acted as College Tutor Coordinator in the School of Economic Sciences where he managed the implementation of the Unisa E-tutor project. Willy actively participates in research, publishing articles and writing chapters for textbooks with other authors, and has presented a number of papers at both national and international conferences related to Tourism. He is an external examiner for other tertiary institutions as well as supervising Master's students