Wild Fly Fishing in the Karoo

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Wild Fly Fishing in the Karoo, conjures up images of fly fishing in the Yemen. The last place one would expect record sized trout, in a river...in a semi desert. This is a completely unique experience in an area where one would least expect it. Engaging with Mother Nature where dinosaur-like reptiles once roamed, and left scoured pools in the Little Fish River which now host monster rainbow trout. Traversing through a National Heritage site, an indigenous forest, makes you believe you're on the set of a Harry Potter movie, to stalk trout in pools in the Naude's River, leading up to a 90m waterfall that inspired one of South Africa's most famous abstract artists, Walter Battiss. Fishing on top of the mountains of rolling grass veldt holds a similar mystique to fly fishing in Scotland, as the mist rolls over the water. The diversity of landscape offers as much variety in fly fishing opportunities, in the Karoo...who would have thought!

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