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We are looking for entrants who can demonstrate their commitment to excellence in the Travel and Tourism industry. Here is the criteria we require to qualify for an award:

1. Quantifying achievements - Entrants should clearly quantify their achievements and demonstrate a proven track record.

2. Being a good influence – Individuals or organisations that are doing good work and using their influence to ensure that their suppliers or partners do too will be prioritised.

3. Previous winners - If an individual or company has previously won any other award/s, they should detail these as part of their submission.

4. New and Innovative – A new approach or something different that stands out. 

5. Real Impact on Poverty Reduction – These awards significantly impact our people, and they should benefit in economic terms and link to a better quality of life overall (inclusivity). (Links with communities, previously disadvantaged groups either through the supply chain or locally through educational programmes)

6. References – Each applicant must provide at least 2 independent references, though some may submit more. References should show evidence supporting an entry for a specific category and be written by a wide range of credible referees.

7. Entrants must receive at least 500 qualifying votes each to be eligible for adjudication.

8. To qualify for the national awards, entrants must attain minimum judges scoring threshold of 80% and above.